Corporate Investigations

Detectives and unfair competition

While it is legal for a company to employ systems and methods to get new customers and increase the sales, it is not to use illegal methods against other companies for your own benefit: that's called unfair competition.

More and more companies are hiring private detectives to investigate cases that affect negatively their business: unfair competition, fake sick leave, misuse of trademarks, fraud, concealment of assets, verification of injuries ...

The private investigator task in these cases is aimed at finding evidence that can be used later in court proceedings.

Bad faith business behaviours

Some of the behaviors considered malicious in business are:

· Breaking non-compete clauses.

· Create confusion about the company's business, services or product features.

· Discredit the activity, business or company.

· Transfer clients to their own company.

· Use the reputation of the other company for their own benefit.

· Reveal trade secrets.

The role of the private detective

The work of private investigators is essential to the fight against the unfair competition produced by former employees of the company or by other competing firms.

Our detectives will gather information and evidence, with legal validity, about the bad behavior of others companies or employees. At the end of the investigation, we will prepare a report with photos and videos, which can be used later in court.

Although initially hiring detectives can not look like a cheap service, this cost means nothing compared to the benefits that research can bring to the employer in the long run.