Economic Investigations

Basically, an economic investigation is designed to collect and analyze information on the financial status of a company or of a particular, his incomes, propertys, labor activity, interests in companies or relation with other companies, etc.

Although much of this work is done from the office, verification and observation "in situ" is necessary, in many cases, as well as interviews with the investigated person, their relatives, partners, suppliers, to obtain information that otherwise would be impossible to access.

The most popular services in this kind of investigation are:

Debtor tracing: if you need to recover a debt and you are unable to locate your debtor, we will find him for you. More info [+]

Intelligence Business reports: we collect and analyze all the information of a company and analyze its real activity, eventually translating all the results in a report.

Locating assets: there are many cases in which, to our customer, you can be interested in locating the properties of a person or a company, either by executing a judicial lien or claim to payment.

Fraudulent bankrupcy: we conducted a search of all the assets of the debtor in order to provide the necessary evidence to determine the real situation of insolvency of the person being investigated.