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Detectives in Madrid

Axira Detectives is a private detective agency in Madrid that operates in Spain and outside our frontiers.

Our private detectives, all of them licensed, are experts in all kinds of investigations, from the simplest cases, to cases of high complexity.

Throughout our extensive professional career, our Detective team has achieved excellent results, even when clients thought the case was very difficult or impossible. This success is achieved with experience and training of our agents as well as by the detailed observation and the personalized treatment personalized that our detective agency offers the client.


Total confidentiality

Of course, all the information that reaches our detective agency, both in the first consultation, as the information obtained by our private detectives during the investigation, is absolutely confidential.


Detailed report

Once the private detectives in charge of the investigation finish it, we will provide you with a detailed report with all the work done, as well as the results obtained. This report will include the photographs and, if necessary, video recordings and audio obtained by the detectives during the development of the investigation as well as any other documents that are relevant to it.


Trial attendance

All our reports are suitable for be presented in court, both in Madrid and in any other place of Spain and will be ratified by the detectives who have participated in the investigation anytime the client will require it.

Budget without commitment

Free consultation

Contact us and we will study your case, offering you all possible solutions and the methodology to be employed to reach your goals, thus an accurate budget.

You can visit our private detective agency in Madrid making an by appointment calling us to our 24hours customer service phone or send us an email to info@axiradetectives.com.

The consultation is free, even if you finally don't hire the private detective service.


Axira Detectives: Private Detectives in Madrid

Private Detectives Agency

Axira Detectives works in all the country and we have collaboratorsopera in other countries. Nevertheless, the 80% of our investigations are based in Madrid and its surroundings.

In spite of Madrid is a big city where it's easy for a detective to be unnoticed, there are numerous complications when tailing a person in Madrid...